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3/30/2014 NEW MANUAL! The manual has been updated and is uploaded here. Comments are welcome. Send your comments to the Forms and Manual Committee Chair and the International President. Most of the sections have only minor changes such as dates when things are due or procedural changes at the International level. Information previously displayed on Errata Sheets 1, 2 and 3 have been entered. The General section updates the Toast to All Nations as approved at the 2014 Mid-term Board.

There is a Table of Contents and an Index for each section. Use an 8-tab divider package to separate each section by number. Place the General Information in front of the first tab and insert the forms after Section VIII (Headquarters) and you will have a complete and easy to read manual in one binder! 

Forms to support membership are also available here.  After printing or downloading, close the window to return to web. Some forms requiring change are still being updated so if you are not sure you have the latest version, refer to the Mid-term Board minutes for changes.

Volunteer Club information and the Start-A-Club (SAC) kit are available under General Information tab on the Home page!