Scholarship Applications

Scholarships Available
Scholarship and Memorial Program Jun 1 Judging criteria will include financial need, degree of commitment, scholastic standing, leadership potential and personal qualifications.
Else A. Nielsen Memorial Scholarship Jun 1
Marguerite C. Leander OR McKinney Memorial Nursing Scholarship Jun 1
Rose Runzler Memorial Scholarship Jun 1 Top priority, other factors being equal, will be given to the applicant wishing to pursue specialized study at the graduate level in areas of continued assistance of the visually handicapped.
Youth Programs
Youth Campership Jun 1 Club determined
Progressive Youth Service Award 

Jun 1

To seek out those youth who are setting a pattern of leadership and service to their local communities.
To recognize and reward these efforts with a citation.
To inspire and encourage other youth to emulate these recognized leaders.
Nancy Pratt LaSertoma Literacy Jun 1 Club determined
Children's Hospital - Love from LaSertoma Jun 1 Club determined